29 Oct

Juris Pūce has been reelected as “Latvijas attīstībai” party chairman

At the party congress held on October 29 Juris Pūce has been reelected as the chairman of the party.

Pūce was the only candidate put forward for party’s top position and was reelected with the support of 96 delegates.

“For the last two years we have been working consistently to offer the best solutions that would shape Latvia as educated, developed, and modern country. We are going to continue our work and, simultaneously, to strengthen our party – we will become stronger, more open and better represented”, Pūce stated. 

In his speech, Pūce thanked the delegates for entrusting him to lead the party and stated that the main upcoming political event for the party is local elections in 2017.

Pūce pointed out that the party is planning to run in more than 15 municipalities. During next two months, the party will be finalizing its program for Riga. Pūce noted that he hoped for cooperation between Vienotība and Latvijas Reģionu apvienība, creating policy proposals that would focus on city residents and exterminate incompetent and careless governing style of the current Riga city mayor.

The congress has also amended the party statutes, increasing the number of board members from eight to fourteen. Edgars Jaunups, Baiba Fromane, Andrejs Žagars, Rihards Pīks, Andris Bačkurs, Rasma Zaharenko, Ilze Grīnberga, Gatis Zamurs, Artūrs Toms Plešs, Viesturs Liepkalns, Jeļena Jesajana, Māris Mičerevskis, Viesturs Zeps, and Sergejs Akuličs have been elected as party board members.