29 Oct

“Latvijas attīstībai” declares a fight for a better and resident-friendly Riga

On Saturday, October 29, the party chairman Juris Pūce presented a report on party’s activities during last two years to the congress and openly criticized the current government.

“Looking back at this two-year-term, we have to admit the obvious, namely, we are not presented at any governing institutions. Perhaps due to this fact we are able to view and analyze the ongoing processes in the country with a cool mind, focus on our program and offer thought through solutions for country’s development.  We have continued our work to offer possibly the best policies that will transform Latvia into a modern, educated, well-off, and tolerant Western society,” Pūce stated in the opening of the congress.

Last year “Latvijas attīstībai” formed a close cooperation with The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Party that represents more than 55 parties across the European Union’s member states. ALDE Vice-president Ilhan Kyuchuk addressed the congress with a video message, while Liberalai party Vice-president and Member of the Lithuanian parliament Vitalijus Gailius greeted congress participants on spot.

Evaluating the ongoing political processes in the country, Pūce characterized the current government as indecisive and lacking clear vision for the future, which harms country’s competitiveness and long-term development.

“Current events in Riga are not positive either. For many years, the city is being governed by a duo, whose main goal is to organize public procurement, the more the better. Nano-water, unbelievably expensive e-tickets, and never-ending renovation of municipality buildings are trademark interests of Ušakovs and Ameriks – expensive and ineffective governing,” stated Pūce.

The closest challenge for the party is local elections in 2017. Pūce laid out a plan for the party to run in more than 15 municipalities.

As for Riga, during next two months it is planned to finalize policy proposal for Riga residents with the main goal to make the city modern, innovative, less bureaucratic, and resident-friendly capital. The party chair stressed that he hoped for a cooperation with Vienotība and Latvijas Reģionu apvienība in this fight for a better city government.

As stated earlier, the congress reelected the party chairman and elected a new board, discussed questions and topics connected to local elections in Riga and other municipalities throughout Latvia.