02 Sep

ALDE members win elections in Riga

Last week, Latvians elected a new council for the capital city Riga. ALDE party members Latvijas Attīstībai and Kustība Par! formed a coalition Attīstībai/Par!, running on the same ticket with the social democratic party The Progressives and gaining 18 out of 60 seats.

This alliance more than doubled their seats, growing from 8 to 18 elected councillors, thus leaving their biggest competitor, the ruling alliance of Harmony on second place with 12 councillors.

ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen congratulated both parties on their excellent result and wished good luck to the alliance’s lead candidate Mārtiņš Staķis (Kustiba Par!), who has already started coalition talks with three other parties.

Moreover, an alumna of the European Women’s Academy Class of 2019, Iveta Ratinīka, was re-elected to the council. Ratinīka has said that she wants to focus on improving the education system in Riga and keeps the interests of teachers close to her heart.