17 Apr

Riga City Council Snap Elections Officially Scheduled for 29 August

The snap elections in Riga are officially set to take place 29 August 2020. This much was decided by the Saeima on Thursday, 16 April, during the viewing of amendments to the Law on Dismissal of Riga City Council, as reported by the parliament’s press-service.

Party “Latvijas attīstībai” will participate in Riga City Council snap election on an Attīstībai/Par!, PROGRESĪVIE (AP/PRO) joint electoral ticket. AP/PRO decided to nominate Member of Saeima Martiņš Staķis as a candidate for the position of Riga City Mayor.

Snap elections have been rescheduled again because the state of emergency in Latvia was previously extended until 12 May. Along with the state of emergency there are a number of restrictions adopted to halt the spread of COVID-19, as noted in the annotation to amendments.

Previously snap elections in Riga were planned for 6 June.

Amendments also state the Central Election Commission is to announce elections in Riga on 7 July.
Amendments to the law comes to force the next day after promulgation.