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‘Latvijas attīstībai’ (For Latvia’s development) is a classical liberal political party in Latvia, founded in 2013. It promotes the rights of private enterprises and advocates for economic liberalism in addition to human rights, freedom of individuals, and equal treatment for all.

Commonly ‘Latvijas attīstībai’ is associated with pragmatic idealism and rational decision-making. Currently, the political party is represented in National and European Parliaments, as well as multiple Municipal governments in Latvia.


  • 30 Sep

    Pride not prejudice: Women leaders in Latvia discuss gender equality and their experience as politicians

    On the evening of 23rd of September, a panel discussion was held at Birojnīca (Riga, Latvia) where ambitious women—who have, in fact, proved that a woman’s place is precisely where she intends to be—shared their stories about perseverance, courage, and fight against prejudice. The discussion was organized by a political party Latvijas attīstībai and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

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  • 02 Sep

    ALDE members win elections in Riga

    Last week, Latvians elected a new council for the capital city Riga. ALDE party members Latvijas Attīstībai and Kustība Par! formed a coalition Attīstībai/Par!, running on the same ticket with the social democratic party The Progressives and gaining 18 out of 60 seats.

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  • 15 Jun

    Latvian Parliament passes municipal reform proposed by minister Juris Pūce

    Saeima (the Latvian Parliament) approved the bill for the ‘Law on Administrative Territories and Populated Areas’ proposed by Juris Pūce (chair of the Latvijas attīstībai, co-chair of Attīstībai/Par!, and Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development) in its final reading, involving the creation of 42 municipalities in Latvia, instead of the current 119.

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